5 Things you Must Know Before Going for a Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, as we call it, is on the rise. Often, we read news of people with “plastic surgery gone wrong!” Despite such risks, the number of plastic surgeries is increasing by the day. It is a craze among people to correct their facial features or get rid of unwanted fat. Latest statistics revealed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) puts the US on the top of the list with India, China and Brazil catching up fast. 
5 things you must know before going for a plastic surgery | Zoylo
Remember, plastic surgery is not to cure you of any disease, but it changes an entire feature of your body. So here are a few things that you should consider before opting for a plastic surgery.
1. Are you Healthy enough for a Plastic Surgery?
There are certain health conditions like allergies, bleeding disorders, high cholesterol, arthritis, heart or lung disease, and others which will not allow a plastic surgeon to operate on you. It is mandatory to let your doctor know of your medical history. Only after assessing your health conditions will your doctor be able to tell if you are fit for a plastic surgery. 
2. Who is Operating on you?
You just can’t let yourself go under the knife in the hands of an amateur plastic surgeon. An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon with proper credentials and training is the best person who will understand your concerns and guide you accordingly.
3. Know that your Plastic Surgery may come with risks
Every surgery comes with risks. Ask your doctor what might be the potential risks associated with the surgery. There was a recent case, couple of years back, where the patient died after a liposuction following a cardiac arrest. She was fighting obesity with pulmonary conditions. It is a known fact that with obesity comes a string of illnesses. Before you decide on a liposuction to trim down your body, ask your doctor if there are other options. Consider visiting a dietitian to help you lose weight with exercise routine and diet plan. Don’t you think, that is much safer than going under the knife? 
For other surgeries, there might be risks of infections and scars. Also, you might have to get operated on multiple times to get your desired result. Proceed only if you are ready for these risks. 
4. Consider the price, but never the cheapest option
Plastic surgery is undoubtedly expensive. Give it a thought if you’ll be able to bear the expenses. Don’t go hunting for the cheapest option as it means risking your life. 
5. Get to know the name and procedure of the Surgery
It is important that you know the name of the procedure that will work on helping you achieve your physical improvisation. You can also get a second opinion to check if the procedure you opted for is correct. It will help you decide better.
It is your body and it is completely your opinion how you want to enhance it. But it is also important to know the medical risks associated with a particular plastic surgery procedure. Consider every option before you give a final nod for plastic surgery.
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