Can you Imagine a World Without Doctors?

There are many professions and occupations across the world. We hardly have any concern or relation to many of these. But one universal occupation professed by “the noble breed of doctors” has touched almost every life. Educated or uneducated, good or evil, shy or an outgoing, everyone knows a doctor.
The presence of doctors makes us feel safe and supported when we are hit with ailments that no one other than a doctor can help us with.

Right from waiting to hear the cries of a newborn to ensuring the health of our aging parents, it’s doctor whom we turn to. To relive life, to instill hope, to turn tears into smiles; it’s doctor who is behind the scene. Rightly said, “Doctors are the Gods on earth”.  
Think for a second, just imagine our world without doctors 

  • Epidemic-like polio, smallpox, and others awaiting to enter our world would have never been eradicated
  • Fatal and terminal illnesses would have never left any hope. 
  • Home remedies, yoga, and other alternative ways of getting healthy would have become more popular.
  • Many crimes would have been gone unsolved due to absence of autopsy 
  • With high mortality due to diseases and less population, deforestation would have been less bestowing a clean environment for us.  
  • No doctors mean no use of medicines and hence no pharmaceutical industry
  • No hospitals, no expense in healthcare infrastructure, no associated jobs in healthcare industry
  • Natural childbirth would have been the only way of making a place on this earth. Complicated pregnancies would have posed threat to life.
  • The world would have found more lethal bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms who would have existed without any fear of antibiotics.
There are unlimited situations we can find and correlate the existence of doctors as a blessing for human life. By profession, they are only doctors, but their skill is behind the healthy engineers, fit sports person, intelligent scientists, valorous army and many others who turn to doctors whenever they are sick and need good health to excel in their respective profession.

These “doctors” ensure a healthy existing population and a healthy upcoming generation of any nation. We are thankful to all the doctors who spread health and happiness in our lives.