Shifting to Contact Lenses? Things you must know

Trading in glasses for contact lenses seems easy and comfortable, however, it could be quite intimidating to many for the first time. Which lens to buy, will it hurt, how to keep it safe and clean are a few of the obvious concerns. Since it is concerning the safety of your eyes and your vision, you must know everything before making a shift from glasses to the eye lenses.
Things to know Before Shifting to Contact Lenses | Zoylo
Prescription for glasses will not fit for lenses
Don’t buy a lens producing the prescription for glasses. If you wish to shift to contact lenses, visit your ophthalmologist first. He would examine your eyes and would ask about your lifestyle before prescribing the lenses.
Your lifestyle might decide the type of lens you need
Your doctor will suggest the best-fit lens for you based on your daily activities. If you are engaged in too much of fastidious life with no time to care for the lenses, disposable lenses might be the right option for you.
Do’s and Don’ts of wearing Contact Lenses
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the lenses and cases is a must. Use “rub and rinse” method for deep cleaning of the lenses. Don’t clean your lenses with greasy, oiled or creamed hand.
  • Don’t over-wear your contact lenses. Replace them as suggested by the doctor.
  • Don’t sleep overnight putting your lenses. Blinking keeps the lenses moist and clean which will not happen when you sleep, increasing the chances for an eye infect, ion.
  • Do lubricate your lenses with prescribed eye drop to take them out, if you did the mistake of sleeping with them on.
  • Never use a ripped contact lens. Always keep a backup pair of lenses with you. Even if it looks fine, using a torn out or ripped off lens is not advisable.   
  • Don’t use lenses while engaged in any water activity. Avoid using lenses while in the pool, water park, sea beach, hot tub or any other water body. It can lead to bacterial growth.
  • Don’t use home-made solutions to disinfect the lenses. Using saline water or any other non-medical solution is never advised to clean the lenses.
  • Don’t share contact lenses with friends. Even if the vision is the same, sharing lens with friends can invite some infection or eye irritation.
  • Do not wear eye lenses for more than recommended hours. It can damage your eye health further.
Additional Tip
  • Always carry an extra pair of lenses and a pair of eyeglasses with you. It will help in case you miss or damage the existing pair.
  • Don’t panic if you can’t take the lenses out. It can happen. Use the prescribed eye drop and try to take it out gently, once you are calm.
  • Do not choose your own eye lenses. Meet a practitioner for right suggestion even if you want a lens for eye colour change.  
  • Meet your ophthalmologist as scheduled. There might be some change in your prescription for the lenses. So, keep visiting the doctor on time.